+ Published in Communication Arts: Interactive Annual 12 for General Electric’s Geoterra – September/October 2006 issue @ Blitz


+ 2009 One Show Interactive Winner for Websites: Community Driven and Social Networking for Ballers Network @ R/GA


+ Ballers Network is featured in the One Show Interactive, Volume XII book

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Samsung: Next is Now (launching the Galaxy S6 phone)

For the release of Samsung’s Galaxy S6 phone, we ask viewers to follow us around the globe. We created “Now Moments” where each moment highlights a key feature of the new Galaxy S6 and captures amazing content during the journey. First, there is Jetman Yves Rossy racing the fast-charging battery, next is artist Marco Brambilla creating digital art inspired by the phone’s design and finally Daniel Lau climbing tall buildings taking beautiful photos during his ascent using the S6 camera.

>> Read more
>> Timeline interface that users follow for 20 days to see the “Now Moments” and social media content taken during the journey
>> Jetman’s “Now Moment” where users see various angles of footage taken on his suit as races against the battery charge of the S6, who will win?
>> Marco Brambilla’s beautiful, digital and interactive interpretation of the phone’s modern design

See the demo video:

agency: Sid Lee NY and Montreal
city: New York, NY and Montreal, QC
year: 2015
role: Digital/Integrated Producer
team number total: 8 in house + 3 tech (Caviar LA) + 2 sound design (Plan8)

Land Rover: The Vanishing Game, a digital adventure story

The Vanishing Game, a new interactive, digital book written by internationally acclaimed British author William Boyd. This original online adventure thriller from the best-selling novelist follows protagonist Alec Dunbar on a suspenseful driving adventure from London to a remote part of Scotland. It is brought to life through an interactive platform that invites readers to go beyond its words and fully experience the adventure in an innovative multi-media manner.

>> Read the full article

See the demo video:

agency: Y&R New York
city: New York, NY
year: 2014
role: Digital Producer
team number total: 8 in house + 5 tech (Tool of NA)

Fanta (Coca-Cola): Saving the Source, an interactive graphic novel

Saving the Source tells the story of a group of teens who embark on a mission to save play after it mysteriously disappears from their town.

The campaign was rolled out in more than 190 countries in 2013 as a nine-chapter digital graphic novel loaded with playable content and it needed to reach audiences with sometime slow internet connections. We had to make sure the experience worked on a range of devices – from an HTML version with images and narrative only, on up to an interactive HTML5 version with parallax scrolling, full game play and full multi-track audio.

>> See the graphic novel in action

See the demo video:

agency: Ogilvy & Mather NY
city: New York, NY
year: 2013
role: Executive Producer
team number total: 8 in house + 6 tech (Vectorform) + 4 illustration (Psyop) + 2 sound design (Human)

NY Tech Day 2014

I attended NY Tech Day this afternoon and met some very interesting people. I was impressed by the volume of talent and smart ideas.

Hopefully, you’ve come here because you’re interested in learning more about me and checking out my resume.

I’m interested in connecting with like-minded entrepreneurs. I’d love to hear from you! Email me here.

General Mills:

Sometimes I work on random projects and this one was one of them. Also produced at HUSH, this website was for the General Mills candy called Gushers. We worked with Saatchi New York to turn their television spot into a fun, interactive online game with Todd, the protagonist, as the way to navigate around his world by gushing with his eye.

We were tasked with producing the online video using a Red Camera to be able to capture all the frames to allow the fast forward/backwards scrubbing functionality on the site.

>> Check out

See the demo video:

agency: HUSH Studios
city: Brooklyn, NY
year: 2010
role: Senior Interactive Producer
team number total: 8

Street Level: Granimator™ iPad app

Digging this one up from the archives of 2010. While I was at HUSH I produced a design pack for an iPad app called Granimator™ which was a platform created by ustwo™.

Granimator™ is an interactive, dynamic wallpaper that users can create unique art using various design “packs” contributed by world renowned artists around the world. The result is a fun audio/visual experience that allows anyone to compose a visual art piece that can be saved as a wallpaper for your iPad, mobile, computer, Facebook and more…

Here’s a neat demo video:

>> Get the Granimator™ iPad app for FREE!

agency: HUSH Studios
city: Brooklyn, NY
year: 2010
role: Senior Interactive Producer
team number total: 6

Ballers Network is featured in the One Show Interactive, Volume XII book

I’m not a whore for awards, but always think it’s cool when I get a mention for something I worked so hard on. Producers don’t get enough love in the advertising world so it’s nice to get a shout out.

I stumbled upon this book that the One Show came out with and Ballers Network is featured in it as a Best in Show Gold Pencil winner. Kinda cool when your name is in print

Demo Slam wins a One Show Interactive gold pencil

Last night me and my co-workers from CreativeLab attended the One Show Interactive awards. We won a gold pencil for Demo Slam and it extremely humbled us.

Earlier in the day, we had an all-hands meeting with our CD and VP speaking about how CreativeLab is a rare breed. Our goals are not to collect awards or brag about what we can do. Instead, we are a group that happens to connect the user to magic by way of Google. I respect the company’s philosophy of sharing rather than hoarding information in order to make the world a better place. Recently there have been so many articles about competitors such as Facebook and Bing trying to sabotage Google, but in a way, it’s a bit humbling that they care so much. Obviously we’re doing something right in order to conjure those reactions. A little healthy competition creates a healthy corporate ecosystem and keeps us all in check.

As a human being, I embrace similar aspirations. During my career working in advertising, I’ve always felt that as long as I do the right thing and tell the truth, I’ll be respected. I’m not much of a show off or brown-noser. Sometimes that’s gotten me in trouble or caused people to not like me but I’ve always kept my morals intact. Life is a journey, I’m just along for the ride.

Google: Demo Slam

How do you make tech demos interesting at all? You add an injection of fun and creativity which is why Demo Slam is successful and even a bit fun. Google makes a bunch of products to help you. But sometimes it’s not always obvious of how to use technology to create something amazing so we show you how. One of my favorite videos is Epic Docs created by Tu in the CreativeLab. Yup, he didn’t use anything special but only tools in Google Docs to create this beautiful masterpiece. After seeing what is possible it kinda makes you want to think of other ways to make cool stuff with Google products huh?

>> Check out Demo Slam

company: Google CreativeLab
city: New York, NY
year: 2011
role: Interactive Producer
team number total: 3 in house + 3 external vendors

Google: A Google a Day

On Monday I launched a site called A Google a Day for the CreativeLab in NY. It’s a fun trivia game that requires you to search till you find the right answer. It took about 2 months for this baby to be ready for the world. Most of Google sites (even in the CreativeLab) are simple, clean and data focused. We don’t really care about adding shiny glows to our icons or make fancy television commercials with gimmicky music. At the end of the day, all we care about is you, the user. That’s why we came up with A Google a Day.

>> Check out A Google a Day and start playing

company: Google CreativeLab
city: New York, NY
year: 2011
role: Interactive Producer
team number total: 6 in house + 2 external vendors

Working at Google.

I’ve been contracting at Google for over 6 months now and I’ve learned so much about being an entrepreneur. The projects I’m working on are not anything new to what I’ve been doing the last 6 years, but the process in creation is something I have found useful. Many times the ideas come from a simple discussion or a hallway conversation that starts with “hey, wouldn’t it be cool if I could…”. This may sound like a loose way of formulating a concept, but I think it’s actually more conducive to shaping one.

Gone are the days in advertising and marketing that you are requested by a client to come up with a concept to solve a problem. In these meetings you spend a few hours between a few “key creatives” then come out of it with a few concepts. Those concepts are then fleshed out and finally presented to the client. I’ve always thought that that was too “inside the box” thinking.

The more organic an idea is created the more complete it can be. Why not have a discussion about it with a variety of participants outside of “the creative team”. I think that creativity is many times not only visual. The most successful creative executions I have seen come from a strong, core, simple emotion – something that can’t be easily explained. The hardest part is to first come up with a relatable feeling then visually enveloping it into something digestible. That’s why brainstorming with a variety of different types of people adds to the final experience.

Once there is a direction, then the next phase is fast prototyping. There are a few ways this can happen. Think of it in terms of broadcast network television where in creating the prototype is the pilot. It is by no means ready for prime time, the script may be completely straight forward with sprinkle of unique characters but no matter what the approach, the gist of the show’s theme is conveyed and able to be sold through to execs where they want to see more. This phase I have found extremely hard for various agencies and vendors to grasp. Coming from the agency side I understand why this is the case where clients throw money at you asking you to “quickly come up with something” and launch it ASAP. This is when the agency starts with the “brainstorming” phase I mentioned earlier and eventually come up with something and in the end launch with a half baked idea only to make that deadline.

With prototyping, the goal is to quickly come up with something with the sole purpose of conveying an idea not polishing a final product. Many times this phase goes no where because the findings require more thought which you would then start from scratch. This phase is important where one finds that there are better ways to attain the same goal while not changing the concept. It’s the process that is different not the idea. When all is said and done and finally yields a successful prototype, that is the start of something great.

Infiniti: “Moments of Inspiration” Interactive Wall Installation

One of the last projects I worked on at HUSH is a 3-piece interactive wall installation for Inifiniti that was featured at the 2010 Concours d’Elegance in Pebble Beach, CA. This was by far the coolest project I have worked on thus far in my career. It was a whole new world for me in terms of technology but I was excited for a new challenge.

Watch this before reading on…

The program used is call openFrameworks which is an open source C++ toolkit that allows for the development of creative interactive applications. Thankfully I worked with a very talented team from Flightphase who were our creative development partners throughout the entire project. The secondary challenge for this project was to manage a group of developers/designers to effectively communicate what is needed to maintain the integrity of the original concept and creative.

As a Producer my job is to facilitate and manage the success of a project and this one was very unconventional. Part of the last phase of the project was to test the applications in an environment that was similar to the actual event space in California. I had to work with a very small budget and find a space large enough for us to prototype and it had to be in Brooklyn (where HUSH is located). I definitely I had to use a lot of my producer negotiation skills and thought of creative ways to find the space without spending a lot of money and time. This is an example of just one of the obstacles I had to overcome in working within a small studio environment with very little resources.

Interested in Behind the Scenes?

agency: HUSH Studios
city: Brooklyn, NY
year: 2010
role: Senior Interactive Producer
team number total: 6

Utilitarian iPhone app for drivers

One of the coolest iPhone apps I worked on was never approved by the client for submission. Apparently there was too much bureaucracy so I’m not sure if it will ever be released to the App Store.

What I can tell you is that it was one of the coolest apps around. It serves as an utility for drivers to be able to find parking and gas in their area. It also had a speech-to-text functionality where you could talk to the app and it would interpret your voice to type an email or it would recognize your voice to call someone in your phone book.

Lunesta: Z Assistant iPhone app

One of my last projects at MRM Worldwide was produce an iPhone app for Lunesta, the sleep aid. The app serves a few purposes – tracks your sleep patterns, acts as an alarm clock and ambient sounds or your play list which you can set to lull you to sleep.

As a producer, I learned that 2 of the key successes to an iPhone app is the user interface and visual design. There are vast differences in designing for an iPhone and a website. The popularity with apps has grown like crazy but it’s still a fairly new type of technology. Every screen has to server multi purposes but also easy to use. Along with the UI, design also has to be very simple yet still look great. I think a lot of people even in the industry take producers for granted. I cannot speak for everyone, but personally I care a lot about the end product I work on. The way I see myself is not only a manager of a team but also I ensure quality is at its highest and of course make sense overall.

>> Get the Lunesta: Z Assistant iPhone app for FREE!!!

I’m very proud of the work I did on this app because I worked very closely to the designers, programmers (who were vendors in Europe) and UX team. I made sure that everything they did also made sense from every group’s perspective. I was a quality assurance check point and would not let anything go out the door without it making sense and thought through. I’m always evolving my skill set which I think makes me one of the best producers out there. Nothing is impossible and the great the challenge the better.

agency: MRM Worldwide
city: New York, NY
year: 2010
role: Senior Creative Producer
team number total: 8+

The next big thing.

Recently I have been thinking about innovation and how I can come up with the next big thing. Currently I am focusing on a few personal projects. One is an iPhone app that allows you to find people near you and share a ride to and from your destination. I’m currently looking for a reliable iPhone programmer that wants to be a part of something great. If you happen to be interested, let me know and I’ll fill you in on the details once you sign an NDA.

The 2nd personal project I am working on is closer to my heart. I would not love more than to run a doggy daycare. I’d like to cater towards a more niche group where the owners think their dogs are like children. Dogs do not go to private school or college, so why not bring them to a prestigious doggy daycare? Eventually, I would like the entire business to become a brand with products and endorsements around the world. This is a much bigger endeavor as it requires more investments, commitment and planning.

I don’t know what drives me to come up with these ideas but all I can say is that mediocrity is not an option. I am constantly striving to be the best. My mind never rests. I’d love to keep you updated so please come back often or hit me up on email ichiban(at)

Home Depot: 2010 Pitch Winner

One of my last projects at MRM Worldwide New York was produce a HUGE pitch for Home Depot. I’ve had a lot of sleepless nights but this one takes the cake. I single handedly managed over 20 team members that produced 4 videos, 2 site designs and print collateral all in the span of a few weeks!

One of the things I love about my job is that I get to work on numerous kinds of projects. I’m always learning new things and have to constantly roll with the punches. One of the difficult things about what I do is to be manage various kinds of personalities which can be very challenging when working long hours with tired designers, copywriters and editors.

In the end the presentation was a HUGE success because we won a multimillion dollar account that was one of the biggest successes in the agency’s history.

Read more on AdAge and AdWeek.

Great expectations!

Sorry I’ve been neglecting my site lately. I have so much to update and been way too busy with work. Things in NY have been very exciting the last few months. I’ve been expanding my Producer skills, continuously learning about new technologies. I just got back from Pebble Beach, CA after producing a project for Infiniti at Hush Studios in Dumbo. It is a 3 piece wall installation based on gesture. It was a HUGE hit at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance and I can’t wait to share the final video with you!

Spring creeping in on New York.

Today was not the first day of spring but it sure felt like it! The last few days we had crazy rain that flooded the Hudson and today it was a lovely, sunny, dry mid-50s degree weather. Another reason why being a New Yorker is great is you never know what tomorrow will bring.

I’ve been very busy the last few weeks running around the city but I must say, I’ve really enjoyed this off time alone to myself and my dog. Strangely the tension and tightness around my shoulders have not come back since I left my freelance job. I was definitely overworked and under appreciated.

Hooray for spring and new changes!

Late night thoughts.

One of the reasons I live in New York is because I love the craziness during the day and the calm, quiet at night. I come alive at around midnight and my thoughts get the better of me. I’ve had some time to think about my personal and career goals and sometimes feel like I’ve been trapped by my own impossible expectations. I currently have a few things on my mind. Here are some that I can share with you.

Recently, I have been in search of the perfect job. It’s extremely tough. It’s a choice between amazing, short-term work that I may never, ever get to work on again or something long-term that I know well since I’ve been doing it for the past 5 years. In the end, I just love a challenge and absolutely nothing frightens me. I’m excited what the next few weeks may bring. I can’t wait to see.

I’ve also been working on a non-fiction book for the past few years. It’s about my experiences in the digital advertising industry as a producer/project manager. There are funny stories, insight into different kinds of agencies and valuable lessons that I’ve learned. It’s been a bit rough completing the book because I’m clearly not a writer. There’s so much competition out there in the publishing world so I’m trying to figure out what is my best strategy for being heard. My next step is to write proposals and send them out in hopes of finding the right publisher and editor to help me wrap this baby up. I know it can be a huge success but my gut is telling me it’s not ready yet. Maybe I am not ready yet.

The last thing I’ve been thinking a lot about is art and creativity. Being an only child, I had to entertain myself and dream up of new things everyday. I had to balance a structured life that my mother wanted me to have versus the innate urge to break free from everything mundane around me and explore life. I attribute most of my creative, wild side to my father. He taught me that loving film, art, music and food is all we really need to be happy. My parents are the 2 most fascinating people on the planet to me. They are so different but compliment each other so well. Of course, it was not always easy between them, but now I know that they’re made for each other. I think my dad really encouraged me to be unique and not take life too seriously. My mom definitely taught me to be a perfectionist and strive for the best in everything I do.

So that’s a little insight into where my head is at these days. There is a lot more going on but if I told you everything then you wouldn’t be intrigued to learn more about me. Come back soon for the next installment.

Welcome! Finally it has arrived.

Hello everyone and welcome to my new website. It’s been a long work in progress but I’ve finally managed to launch my personal site. I am definitely finessing and adding new content on a regular basis. I have so much work that I need to post and find JPEGs for. You can see the progression of all the hard work I have been doing the past few years. When I said I was busy, I really, really was!

I am also planning to post personal blog entries as I continue my adventures through life in New York. Just think, I’ve lived in some of the most amazing cities in the world – Austin, Los Angeles, San Francisco and for now New York City. Where will life take me next?

Enjoy and please come back often. Add me on Facebook!


MasterCard: Priceless Pointers


I launched a site at MRM Worldwide for MasterCard called Priceless Pointers. It’s a website full of online tools to help consumers manage their finances.

>> Check out Priceless Pointers

Priceless Pointers is one of the biggest online initiatives MasterCard has ever endeavored. MRM was tasked to create tools that helped consumers with their financial life especially during these tough times. Not only are they useful, but engaging.

MRM’s goal was to begin re-branding MasterCard to be more fun and modern. We created online widgets that you can embed on your web site or social networking site. You can even download them as OSX or Yahoo! dashboard widgets. In December 2009 we launched the online dashboard version of Pointers. It’s a one-of-a-kind tool that elevates the brand to web 2.0 standards.

We’re in the middle of building additional components for the Pointers campaign and it’s exciting. I enjoy technologically challenging projects that many think is difficult or impossible.

agency: MRM Worldwide
city: New York, NY
year: 2009
role: Senior Producer
team number total: 15+

Office Max: Elf Yourself

port__0011_Layer 20

One of my favorite and gratifying projects to date. is clever holiday PR web site for Office Max to generate buzz around their brand – and it worked.

>> Check out Elf Yourself

This campaign has been so successful since it originally launched in 2007 that EVB has resurrected it every year during the holidays in another form. It has evolved from being able to not only super impose your face onto a dancing elf but also dial number to record a message (using Oddcast technology) and the elf’s mouth moving to your message. It was quite brilliant and an amazing experience.

I was the lead producer on this project and did pretty much everything from posting the Craigslist ad to finding the original elf that was hired. I also negotiated the best pricing with vendors for the production of the shoot and responsible for understanding what equipment was needed for the shoot (green screen vs. blue screen, HD cam vs. mini DV).

Here is an article excerpt from the New York Times about its success courtesy from Toy, the agency we collaborated with on the project.

agency: EVB
city: San Francisco, CA
year: 2007-2008
role: Interactive Producer + Video Producer
team number total: 10+

Nike Football: Blood, Sweat & Tears

port__0007_Layer 26

This Nike Football site was one of the most challenging projects I’ve worked on. We were tasked with creating 5 videos from scratch: pre-production, production and post-production. I produced the project from beginning to end with a very small budget and lean team.

>> Check out a video from Nike Football: Blood, Sweat & Tears Courtesy from my buddy the editor on this piece Stefan Belavy on Vimeo.

The creative team traveled for about 2 weeks in Europe filming various top Nike Football athletes and documented their story. Each one of them had a story about when they first fell in love with the sport and how they got to where they are today.

The post-production was probably the most painful part of this project. Not only did I manage a small team due to budget constraints but many of the athletes spoke a foreign language. I was tasked with making sure the editor and copywriter had the correct time coded translations in order to construct a compelling story, which of course was key.

Not only did I manage the site build (translated into 6 different Asian-Pacific languages) but also do it in an efficient way where we’re still meeting our deadlines and project burn.

agency: AKQA
city: San Francisco, CA
year: 2008
role: Producer
team number total: 6

Nike Football: Who’s The Next?

port__0002_Layer 34

Nike Football: 90 Days of Football – Who’s The Next?

>> Check out Nike Football: 90 Days of Football – Who’s The Next?

This Nike project is my favorite of all time and absolutely the most challenging to date.

When I first started at AKQA I was thrown into this project head first. Not only did I have to quickly learn the logisitcs of the agency but also manage this massive project. I need to add more screen shots of this site in order to properly show it’s magnitude of content created when I have time. Basically, I managed a huge team that had an extremely aggressive time line.

The concept behind the site was to engage kids for 90 days to improve their football (or for us Americans – soccer) game in 90 days. Kids were encouraged to come back to the site on a daily basis for a new tip and piece of content to improve their game. It was a very clever concept and extremely well executed.

My team was tasked with creating 60 pieces of original content which were essentially mini Flash games or videos. Each piece of content started from concept sketches to Flash development. We built a Flash shell and within it also created content for each of the 60 days (30 days of content was left to the Nike Asia-Pacific regions to complete).

Each piece was unique and completely original. For example, we hired a Japanese Manga animator to create a comic strip for one of the content days. There was another piece that we hired an animator that one of the art directors really admired to hand draw a movie and essentially a story of a football going through each frame in different terrain environments.

I do not have the words to give this site justice. I will have to find all the content pieces and post the content. It was amazing and I worked my ass off.

agency: AKQA
city: San Francisco, CA
year: 2008
role: Producer
team number total: 20

Nike Basketball: Ballers Network mobile and Facebook app

port__0003_Layer 18

Nike Basketball: Ballers Network mobile and Facebook app

>> Check out Ballers Network on Facebook

Ballers Network was the first project I worked on at R/GA. It’s a Facebook application that allows ballers from around the world to schedule games and tournaments by using their existing Facebook friends list and also by inviting friends by email.

The challenge was building an application inside another application then leverage the social networking capabilities to grow the network and ultimately engage passionate ball players around the world.

We also traveled around the country with the Nike Basketball team to promote Ballers Network. One of many events was the largest 3-on-3 basketball tournament in the country in Spokane, WA called Hoopfest. I really enjoyed seeing kids have fun and get excited about playing basketball. They were so excited to invite their friends to games and be able to find courts that they didn’t even know about right in their neighborhood.

agency: R/GA
city: New York, NY
year: 2008 – 2009
role: Producer
team number total: 10+

Sony Pictures: The Boondocks


The Boondocks site that I worked on while at Sony Pictures was a very creatively challenging project. Thankfully we had a lot of great assets to work with which is half the battle. The challenge was what could we do with the website that would make the already great images more compelling.

>> Check out The Boondocks

The visual team created a few different layouts and finally we all collaborated and decided to go with this final design direction. I worked with a really great Flash programmer that made the images come alive and simulate the comic strip in its full glory. We had to make the site as fun as the show itself. In the end we got a lot of accolades and also a 10th Annual Webby Award Honoree.

agency: Sony Pictures Digital
city: Los Angeles, CA
year: 2006
role: Web Developer/Project Manager
team number total: 8+

Sony Pictures: Days of our Lives


Redesigned this site using the Sony Pictures CMS system at the same time as working on Y&R!

>> Check out Days of our Lives

The goal was to make the site easy to update with fresh, daily content based on the week’s episodes. I maintained the site using the Sony Pictures CMS making minor updates to the code and formatting images using Photoshop.

agency: Sony Pictures Digital
city: Los Angeles, CA
year: 2006
role: Web Developer/Project Manager
team number total: 8+

Sony Pictures: The Young and the Restless


Redesigned this site using the Sony Pictures CMS system (which is a challenge to say it lightly).

>> Check out The Young and the Restless

The site turned out looking very nice and easy to update. It was key that the content is fresh so each page needed to be templated yet still look nice. The backend is build on a system where I would go in and schedule new content for the following week based on that week’s episodes. It would run on a daily Cron at midnight.

agency: Sony Pictures Digital
city: Los Angeles, CA
year: 2006
role: Web Developer/Project Manager
team number total: 8+

Nike Women: Meet Maria

port__0005_Layer 27

I definitely cannot take full credit for working on this site. I lead a team that created key sections within this site and successfully launching it in a short time span and on time.

agency: AKQA
city: San Francisco, CA
year: 2008
role: Producer
team number total: 6

Sony Pictures: Alice’s Family Tree (for Days of our Lives)


Alice’s Family Tree was a site that was built for the matriarch of the Days of our Lives family.

>> Check out Alice’s Family Tree

On the show it was Alice’s birthday and the family members wanted to celebrate her with an online scrapbook. Notice the site is built outside the Sony Pictures chrome header and footer to show it was more lifelike and real.

agency: Sony Pictures Digital
city: Los Angeles, CA
year: 2006
role: Web Developer/Project Manager
team number total: 4