Office Max: Elf Yourself

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One of my favorite and gratifying projects to date. is clever holiday PR web site for Office Max to generate buzz around their brand – and it worked.

>> Check out Elf Yourself

This campaign has been so successful since it originally launched in 2007 that EVB has resurrected it every year during the holidays in another form. It has evolved from being able to not only super impose your face onto a dancing elf but also dial number to record a message (using Oddcast technology) and the elf’s mouth moving to your message. It was quite brilliant and an amazing experience.

I was the lead producer on this project and did pretty much everything from posting the Craigslist ad to finding the original elf that was hired. I also negotiated the best pricing with vendors for the production of the shoot and responsible for understanding what equipment was needed for the shoot (green screen vs. blue screen, HD cam vs. mini DV).

Here is an article excerpt from the New York Times about its success courtesy from Toy, the agency we collaborated with on the project.

agency: EVB
city: San Francisco, CA
year: 2007-2008
role: Interactive Producer + Video Producer
team number total: 10+