MasterCard: Priceless Pointers


I launched a site at MRM Worldwide for MasterCard called Priceless Pointers. It’s a website full of online tools to help consumers manage their finances.

>> Check out Priceless Pointers

Priceless Pointers is one of the biggest online initiatives MasterCard has ever endeavored. MRM was tasked to create tools that helped consumers with their financial life especially during these tough times. Not only are they useful, but engaging.

MRM’s goal was to begin re-branding MasterCard to be more fun and modern. We created online widgets that you can embed on your web site or social networking site. You can even download them as OSX or Yahoo! dashboard widgets. In December 2009 we launched the online dashboard version of Pointers. It’s a one-of-a-kind tool that elevates the brand to web 2.0 standards.

We’re in the middle of building additional components for the Pointers campaign and it’s exciting. I enjoy technologically challenging projects that many think is difficult or impossible.

agency: MRM Worldwide
city: New York, NY
year: 2009
role: Senior Producer
team number total: 15+